Public Hearing for the Development of OPWDD’s Statewide Comprehensive Plan – 9/7/17 (See Details Here)

This hearing will be held at nine locations throughout the state (see locations below) and will be conducted as a live video-conference with Acting Commissioner Kerry A. Delaney. The Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) will accept your comments, feedback and testimony at the hearing.


CORRECTION: We inadvertently posted a draft version

For Your Information:

There is a report called “Keeping the Promise” about residential needs in New York. It’s important that everyone have a chance to read it and decide for themselves whether or not they want to add their name to the petition. Please find the final version as well as a letter explaining the project.



NYC FAIR as part of the collaborative efforts of SWAN (NYC FAIR, GROW, ENYDDA & DDAWNY FC) was invited to meet with OPWDD’s Acting Commissioner Delaney about Care Coordination Organizations and related topics.

Read SWAN’s Memorandum Of Concern: CCO / HH

SWAN will meet with Paul Francis, Deputy Secretary for Health and Human Services to discuss the DOH’s role in CCOs, Managed Care, The Justice Center and more.


Things Are Happening NOW:

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Join the Conversation: 

7/28/17: Message from OPWDD and DOH regarding the 1115 Draft Application: Comment Period Ends 8/24/17




Jason Helgerson, NYS Medicaid Director

Came to NYC to meet the families, self-advocates and guardians of people with IDD

We brought photos to put faces to our issues

He heard our questions.
We listened to his responses.

As our families’ lives are affected by Medicaid, Managed Care, OPWDD, DOH, the entire alphabet soup, it is clear that we must be part of the conversation to assure that the systems being created meet our families’ needs.

We must continue to be involved
Local, State and Federal

Keep Reading…..


NYC FAIR has written Position Papers on several key issues subject to major changes:

911 Bill: Change to Reporting Requirements:

Guardianship Changes: Alterations to the 17A Procedures 

Read Them Now

As many of you have heard the #bFair2DirectCare Rally in Albany on Tuesday had a surprising and hopeful conclusion. Parents, advocates, self-advocates, DSPs and providers from across the state filed into the Capitol Building to bring home the message that our Direct Support Professionals deserve a living wage.
As the building filled up word got out that the Governor himself would to address the crowd. Press came to cover his appearance.
Governor Cuomo told the crowd that he would not sign the budget unless it contained $55 Million for DSPs. The crowd went wild – and many members from the Legislature spoke up as well to show their support.
It was a wonderful moment BUT…. Sadly there is always a but
It is not clear how much of this is new money, and it isn’t real until it is in the budget and signed….SO we will continue to keep an eye on it.
In the meantime – None of this would have happened without the calls, letters, postcards, lobbying, visits to Albany and local rallies.


AND we still have to keep an eye on Washington- the Repeal and Replace Bill may have been shelved for a while but Congress and the President still have plans for Medicaid which will be TERRIBLE and DEVASTATING for us.


& From #bFair2DirectCare FB PAGE

Cuomo commits to $55M in budget to boost direct care wages










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  1. Thank you so much for coming.
    That will be among the postings from the meeting that will go up by Monday morning.

  2. Thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance on behalf of our adults with developmental disabilities. As the mother/guardian of a 25 year old young man with significant intellectual disabilities who is thriving in a day habilitation program but will require residential placement and job opportunities sooner rather than later, it alarms me to hear about the closing of ICFs and dilution of other supports without adequate planning and all in the name of self direction. I received this link from other worried mothers and I appreciate being included on the mailing list. Patricia Roback

  3. Great to hear from you.
    Lots to be alarmed about….We will send an email…FB…Website update…about our plans to let our legislators know what we are confronting.
    What borough do you live in…receive services in?
    Will be in touch ,
    Elly Rufer

  4. Thank You for you work , I will do anything in my powers to fight for the rights of my son.. Thank you for keeping me informed..

  5. They would rather pay $40 an hour to an agency offering little to no personal satisfaction to the individual than pay $20 an hour to a workshop where the individual works and feels a sense of accomplishment.Our kids are just like everyone else they get a sense of pride doing a good job.The whole goal of self determination was to have each individual use an allocation of money in the best way for them.

  6. I did a great job giving out my speech to all the audience at the Sheraon Hotel on stage. I wanted to get college funding savings after when I earn my GED diploma, and have a great part time job as a sales person at a retail store. I’m a volunteer at Toys r us, clean the shelves, and organized the items neatly, and a volunteer at Walgreens, stocked the items on the shelves, and place the overstocked items back to the stock room. On Mondays and Wednesdays I take the q104 bus to Toys r us, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I walk to Walgreens from day hab. I’m a self advocate student, I have a great future, and I stay on the right track.

  7. Gracias por la información y por su trabajo para tenernos al tanto de lo que esta pasando con los Cervicios de nuestros hijos muchas gracias

  8. Gracias x mantenerme informada aserca de lo k esta sucediendo acerca de los servicios relacionados con mi hijo.

  9. Our family member with disabilities is in need of residential placement in Akron NY. Please send any information about the program. Our msc is helping us very slow process.WE need more care soon illness an age creeping up very difficult situation.

  10. I would like to be included in any way to advocate for residential placement for my son, living at home.

  11. Gracias por informarnos sobre los servicios, de nuestros hijos .estamos todos juntos para luchar por ellos ….

  12. So TRUE.

    For my family, I know this has haunted us from the time our daughter was young.

    But every day, we chase our tails, resending paperwork that we have sent previously
    or learning “new rules” that have no bearing to our reality.

    Thank you from my heart for writing and organizing this. Ann Gordon for Jenny

  13. Please submit YOUR testimony to us for posting:
    OpW has said…they will only post a summary. We think we all should have access to everyone’s thoughts, opinions, and advise.

  14. While we are based down-state..we can help you figure out your allies. Where is Akron, NY? Near?

  15. Thank you — I will be checking this website and taking ACTION for my son, and for others/ children as well.

  16. I am interested in joining this group. There are so many issues that are not being addressed on a legislative and community level that negatively impact people with disabilities, particularly as they age. I am a family member; a strong advocate and offer my support.

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