About Us

THE NYC FAMILY ADVOCACY INFORMATION RESOURCE is a newly formed advocacy group comprised of family members of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and concerned others. As the current family leadership is aging we are looking to the next generation of parents, siblings and others to become active participants in the lives of our loved ones.

Acquainting family members with the intricacies of the service delivery system for people with I/DD benefits everyone. It empowers families to advocate effectively. It will bring new people to the DD Councils. By increasing family representation, the DD Councils can become more collaborative, expand advocacy and better reflect the needs of families.

Our Mission:

  • Expand and strengthen the community of interest
  • Replenish leadership by recruiting, training, and mentoring younger parents and siblings.
  • Empower families by providing information about services for all age groups
  • Connect families with other families
  • Empower family advocates

We propose to support our mission and achieve common goals by starting a Mentor/Mentee Program

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i want to stay informed & updated for events and new services for kids especially teen ages &high schools boys

  2. I am a social worker at Brooklyn CASA/HSCP/HRA . CASA acronym stands for Community Aternative Systems Administration. It is a New York City agency that provides home attendant and housekeeping sevices. Many people are not aware that they can be provided homeattendant services for their children. I am also the mother of a 16 year old son with ADD.

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